Through a complex path, I inherited a cat in spring 2021. Her name is Downy, because she is SO SOFT. Also, at the time I first acquired her, I had another cat, Jetty, who was confined to the upstairs, so Downy was the downstairs cat giving us a second meaning. She came with a different name, but we were underwhelmed, and so changed it.

She is pretty old (believed to be 15), but in very good shape for her age, especially considering her veterinary care was very spotty in her previous living situation. There is some reason to believe that she is either the sister or the niece of my former cat Tawny (at least she came from the same household, and the ages are consistent.)

They told us she wouldn't be a lap cat, but they were very wrong. I think they just weren't providing the appropriate laps. She is a wonderful lap cat.

Downy developed diabetes in winter 2024, and didn't respond to the non-insulin medication (Senvelgo) we tried. She was a bit of a difficult cat to medicate, so we let nature take its course (and hastened it a bit when she was obviously feeling very bad all the time). She was at least 18 when she died, a good run for a cat.